Thelma Young Lutunatabua


My professional career began with a revolution. During the Saffron Revolution of 2007, hundreds of thousands of monks and everyday people in Burma/Myanmar took to the streets demanding an end to the military dictatorship. My job was to take all the photos, video and updates we were getting from colleagues in the country and use them to educate and motivate people around the globe to take action in support. In the past 10 years, I've utilized the expanding digital world to strategically amplify the voices of communities and civil society leaders. I believe people have the ability to tell their own story and people have deep knowledge about the change that's needed in this world -- I want to help people tell those stories.   



My goal is to support storytelling work that is transformational on many levels. It begins with the transformational process of someone telling their own story, sharing their own realities. Then the person who listens and bears witness. Then hopefully building onwards to a broader network of people participating and using the internal transformation to create outward change. 



Trainings & Workshops


Whether it's helping to build your team's digital skills or specific trainings on storytelling techniques, I can support through customized workshops and trainings.  



I can work together with you to build and share a digital storytelling project and support through the process. We can use whichever multimedia tools you are comfortable with. 

Strategic Planning


I can help you plan digital strategies for your organization that uplifts stories. I can also help with planning digital coverage around  events and actions. 

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It supports people telling their honest truths. It connects with the realities of human emotions and experiences.



There is a mutual ownership - both the interviewer and interviewee have a say in what happens. It respects cultures, traditions, identities.



There is no right or easy answer. It seeks for telling a complex story and allows contradiction.



History and current affairs have been told throughout history by largely the same group of privileged men. Telling a new story can be act that pushes change.



There is power in sharing a story just for the sake of a story. But we can also seek to be strategic and work to make sure the stories have the impact that's intended.



We should meet people where they are at. Storytelling can happen across many platforms and doesn't require fast internet, lots of money or other restrictions to access. 


The world is changing. Will the main narratives be told by those in power and outsiders or will it be led by those people living the realities? We need people documenting the storms, floods, uprisings, social impacts and more. To truly bring change, we also need to think long term. We need people ready to listen, create and share when world attention has disappeared. We need storytellers who want to dig deep. I can help prepare you and your team for these diversity of moments.