Portfolio and Projects 


Projects that use audio, video and/or photography to tell a story. Both individual projects as well as collaborative community based projects I've supported.

Actions and Events

I've lead digital strategy, coverage. and rapid response for many big mobilizations, actions and events. 


I believe in building conversations. I've organized and led several conference, symposiums and other projects to spark dialogue and understanding.


Women's March

Washington D.C.

Saffron Revolution

In 2007, hundreds of thousands of monks and other Burmese citizens took to the streets to demand end to military rule. My role was to help disseminate the photos, videos and info in order to build and mobilize global solidarity. 

People's Climate March

I was the social media coordinator for the large march that took place in September 2014 in NYC. I especially worked to encourage communities, partners and all participants to share their stories of why they showed up that day. 

COP21 Paris Climate Talks

I worked with the organization 350.org to cover the climate talks, both from an inside the talks perspective as well as other actions happening around Paris.

Mobilizations, Actions, Events

Nowhere to Be Home

I was the Assistant Editor for this book of oral histories about people's experiences living under the military dictatorship in Burma/Myanmar. It was published by Voice of Witness.

Indigenous New Media Symposium

It brought together Native American and First Nation media makers and creative activists to discuss how new media platforms are being used in the indigenous community to educate, organize, entertain, and advocate. It was held at The New School in January 2014. 

FemTech Net

I was a project manager and social media manager for  an activated network of scholars, artists, and students who work on, with, and at the borders of technology, science and feminism. We worked to build new pedagogical systems for online learning. 

Books, Symposiums, Classes